The Nationale Collectie Passiflora

First of all let us make clear that the Dutch National Passionflower Collection Cor Laurens is NOT a commercial nursery. This collection has been brought together by Cor Laurens because he is crazy about Passionflowers. Because of its size and the care with which all plants are catalogued, it has acquired a scientific as well as an aestethic value. It was not founded for commercial reasons and selling plants is not its primary goal. Fortunately Cor is a generous man, willing to share his treasures with the world. If you want to obtain certain species he is willing to grow plants to order and sell them to you. In return you are asked to become a supporter of the NCP by making a yearly donation of at least 10 HFL (5 US $) The proceeds of the donations and the plant sales are used to meet the cost of maintaining the NCP. For obvious practical reasons requests for plants have to be made well in advance. Due to customs restrictions plants can only be sent to European countries. For seeds there is no such restriction. In order to promote Passionflowers a package of 4 easily grown hybrids is available to everyone. Enquiries on a commercial basis are also invited.
This is only a short introduction. In the course of the coming months more of the information will be made available in English. As for now the species list may be of some help, as you will be able to identify many of them as true species or hybrid from their inclusion in the list. The number of pictures will be increased in the coming period.

If you are interested in our seeds, click here 

With friendly greetings  
Cor Laurens,
Nationale Collectie Passiflora
zangvogelstraat 56
4451 CE Heinkenszand
Tel/fax: 0113 – 403455